You made me laugh,

You made me cry,

You made me want to say goodbye,

You took my trust,

You broke my heart,

You said you’d be there from the start,

You fooled me once,

You fooled me more,

You said it wouldn’t happen no more,

You broke my heart,

You stole my life,

You made me fall,

You said you were mine,

You told those white lies,

You brandished your fists and broke my smile,

You torture me every day,

You won’t leave me be,



In her eyes

In Her Eyes


Have you ever looked into someones eyes,

and thought that time had stopped?

A timeless smile, a poetic laughter, a gentle caress and a tender ever after.

A yearning in your heart, a song escaping pursed lips, a wonder if anyone would come after.

A stillness in your soul, a moment of utter disaster, when time ends and forever fails.

A mourning at the loss, a tear for never more, when love dies and eyes close.


Fleeting moments rushing by,
Diamonds in a darkening sky,
People running to and fro,
Never stop to say hello.

Fleeting lives we set to quiver,
Lurking in the darkness shiver,
People crying in their woe,
Have to let someone go.

Pain is fleeting it will end,
Time will heal and hearts will mend,
People laugh and are merry now,
Have to turn and walk on.

I do not like e…

I do not like eggs and ham,
no sir or no ma’am.
I do not like chick peas or beans,
don’t even try please.
I do not like to drink coffee or tea,
it makes me need to have a pee.
All I want is chocolate milk,
if I don’t get some you’ll make me sulk.

Just random poetry