Project Supporters

I just wanted to give a big heartfelt Thank You and shout out to everyone who is making this project a reality. I am looking forward to your feedback. Without you this massive undertaking couldn’t possibly happen. It’s one thing to have a dream to publish a novel series, but then it hits you how daunting it is for an unknown writer. So thank you to everyone below, you’re amazing!

Seraphim Backers

Archangel Backers

Angel Backer

Cherubim Backers

Special thanks to the Kickstarter Community, without whom this wouldn’t be happening.

Other Supporters:
Rebekah Colegrove, for proof reading and being a sounding board.
Zachen Zimry, for designing an early sketched cover, and reading the rough draft.

Everyone who has told me to keep going with the project and not give up, when turned down by agents and publishing houses.


2 thoughts on “Supporters

  1. My motto is, “if you don’t see any open doors it’s time to knock down a wall.” Also, “they can knock me down, but they can’t keep me down” (but shhhh, don’t tell any walls).

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