Do not mourn the dead

Do not mourn the dead,
The dead are beyond the veil of pain and suffering of this life,
They are in the hereafter, with loved ones long since gone, or newly departed.

Do not weep for the dead,
Their time of tears and woe, have long since dried.
Weep for the living, they endure the throws of life.

Do not regret the dead,
Their time to regret has ended, they now live in the memories they made.
Regret for the living, we have to continue with the flow of our lives.

Rejoice for the dead,
The dead are with loved ones, they will never know fear or pain.
The living have to deal with death, disease and the horrors of life.

So, do not mourn the dead,
Mourn the living…



Twas the night fore CMas2016,

When all through the house not a creature stirred, not even that mouse,

When all of a clatter arose from below,

Here came feet creeping, and climbing the stairs,

Krampus came calling, to see who awoke,

Offering coal and misfortune to naughty boys and girls who caught his eye,

Pull up the covers, hide your face inside,

Till morn you come hoping, the big man arrived,

Toys and presents, instead of demise.


I was watching Alpha House on Amazon and was struck by how correct it really is.

Whether it’s in the Senate or a Parliament, these politicians canvas for votes. They get donations from companies who want them to vote their way on certain issues.

It’s basically a job whoring yourself out to the highest bidder and then spending the next year or however long not to get caught doing something inappropriate.

Yes you may put your signature on some policy you believe in or have been paid to agree with, but most of the time it’s a backward and forward process of towing the party line.

We buy into their, “I want to change the world” spiel when all they want is to join the boys club and then uturn the policies they are elected for.

Old Cars and Questionable People

Woke to an old memory and thought I’d share.

Was a few years ago, I had finished work early the day before and gone home early. I’d parked as close to the house as I could.

I woke up the next morning in enough time to get the car and get to work. I searched the street for it, then the next street and so on. I couldn’t find it.

I happened to stop by at a local family garage, told them what I was looking for and they said “oh think we towed that for being left unattended.”

Gave them the reg number and they said “yep that’s the one” no remorse. The wife and mother of the boys gave me a number to ring and apologised for them being over zealous.

I rang the number as soon as I got my phone, an 02 number so you know that ain’t free. I explained the situation, that the payments were being made on time, that I was looking after the house for my grandparents while they were on holiday as I often did.

He started to ask did we inform the council I was staying there, using his parking space. To which I replied no we never did.

“Oh don’t think they will like that” he replied. We seemed to be getting nowhere and I had to get to work. So I ended up walking from Newton Aycliffe where I lived at the time up the old A1 to work and had to get picked up at 11pm by my mother as it was chucking it down with snow and near christmas.

Wonder what ever happened to that car and those terrible people?

What Am I Doing?

What am I doing?

I woke up at 4am again to the same issues and stresses I had 10 years ago. I sat thinking I have nothing to show for the now 36 years I’ve been on this planet.

I don’t own my own home, my car is financed up to the nines, I work paycheck to paycheck and have nothing left. I’ve done overtime at work for the last 2 months in the hope to set some money aside.

I’ve been here before, feeling worthless and like nothing I do matters. Yes, I’ve travelled all over the world, had a sail boat (even for a little while), lived in different countries (sometimes not by choice).

But what does that all matter when all it gave is stories to tell? I have nothing concrete, nothing to show for 18-19 years of working all my life.

Truth be told, I don’t think I will have anything perminant that I can say “I did that” Yes, there are my books. They are out there on Amazon, but if noone appreciates them, what is the point of them?

I think they were good stories, or I wouldn’t have bothered with them. I honestly thought, you know what I’d rather be dead than feel this way.

So much so, that I’m considering becoming medicated again. I tried the medicated route, and was a zombie. I started on one that you took on a morning Lorazepam and it made me numb. Then they put me onto ones you take at night Mirtazapine, but they gave me nightmares and made me drowsy all day.

I’m done pretending to be okay. I want to scream out that I’m not okay. Everyone sees the big jovial guy who always cracks jokes, but they don’t see the dead look in my eyes. Or if they do, noone mentions it.

Stephen Fry on God

I was watching an interview on Facebook with Stephen Fry, where let’s face it he was berating God. You may have seen it.

His argument for hating or not liking God came in 2 parts, which I hope to dispel here. He stated God was not a nice character because of what he brought upon the world.


He stated about a young child dying with a form of cancer, and that God made cancer and how could he allow a child to suffer.

God didn’t create cancer, cancer is a human construct.

  1. We use pesticides and chemicals on plants to make things last longer. We eat the chemicals on the food or in the water and our bodies react to the chemicals.
  2. We poison the air with pollution from millions of cars and factories. The pollution gets into our body and we get sick.
  3. We inject recreational drugs, we pump our body with tar and other chemicals and we get sick.
  4. We have unprotected sex, and we spread diseases amongst ourselves and we get sick.
  5. We get bombarded by radiation, radio waves which have never been fully studied to see their impact. Yet we sit surrounded by machines which produce them in our homes and at work.

The wild animals don’t get cancer. In fact science has proven that Sharks in their bodies have cells which fight things like Alzheimer’s. Other animals have cells or methods for fixing many diseases we seem to catch.

Also in ancient fossils of humans, there has never been found cancer. If cancer is so prevalent it would be in the fossil record and not just humans would have it.

Second part of his argument was God creating a fly that ate it’s way out of children’s eyes in the third world, and a capricious God would allow this.

Eye eating fly

As a lover of science and evolution, Stephen Fry should really have known better. The fly and there are many things which burrow into animals, the Tsetse Fly for example.

These have evolved over the millennia and throughout history to survive. Yes, they are horrific things to behold but they are a product of evolution. Human’s just happen to now live in the same environment as these flies. These insects would have originally done the same things to the animals of those countries, humans just got in the way.

If it wasn’t for poor hygiene, lack of homes and proper medical facilities these things wouldn’t be infecting the children.

In Summary

So rather than blame God, for all our woes how about we fix the issues with homelessness and child poverty in those countries and stop blaming God for all our problems.

And, I don’t mean fix them in a Band Aid sending a few parcels of food over, or rock stars to sing for our pennies. I mean government’s banding together to help with infrastructure, and not where the money gets pilfered down slowly and the mostly rich get the funds.

If each country pulled together and really decided to abolish poverty it would be gone. It’s been proven that as a whole planet we develop enough food and produce seasonally for everyone to eat. If we did away with the whole instant culture we have and just lived seasonally, we wouldn’t go hungry.

Rather than putting money towards military budgets, making war etc and we used the land as farmers do, and we were sensible and didn’t splurge we would have more than enough.

So rather than build our little empires and walls, as Mr Trump wants. We need to live globally, sharing resources, sharing food when it’s in season and using agricultural land properly, without the harmful chemicals. We need to stop wanting a perfectly round and red tomato or perfect potato, because that’s what the supermarkets want to sell. That is why they use the chemicals to make everything look perfect.

If we didn’t care about the look of the food, we could stop using the chemicals, or work in harmony with nature so that things like insects eat the other insects which prey on our food. So the aphids are eaten by ladybugs etc etc.

Stop The Press

Breaking News

STOP THE PRESS, STOP WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING. I’m going to turn your business around, make you successful and give your staff exactly what they need to make your customers love you.

It’s not a sales gimmick or something you are going to have to pay for. It’s not an advertisement or promotion. It’s common sense.


STEP ONE. (This will freak you out but bare me out)

OP’s Managers, Managers, CEO’s… Stop telling your employees what your customers want. You don’t have a F**** clue or know your customers, so SHUT THE HELL UP.

Your front of house staff, customer service staff, or general phone answerers, know what your customers want. They hear it a million times a day.

Simple Tweaks!

STEP TWO. (Still with me so far?)

Get your staff off the phones for a little while, put them in a room with the people who make the decisions and LISTEN TO THEM. REALLY F**** LISTEN!

You may not like what you hear but listen well. However successful you think you are, or how you know what your customers want, you don’t know a thing. Your business is nothing without the customers buying your wares.

Simple Prices!

STEP THREE. (Not left yet.)

Really implement their ideas. It’s all well and good having your BUZZ SESSIONS or BLUE DAY meetings. IMPLEMENT THE IDEAS.

Don’t have happy satisfied customers? Then bye bye FTSE 500.

Simple Processes!

STEP FOUR (Final Step, I promise)

COMPUTER SYSTEMS ARE FOR MAKING LIFE EASIER. If your systems don’t work, require updates or tweaks, or are generally getting in the way. DITCH THAT SH**.

Whether it cost you £10 or £10 million. If it isn’t fit for purpose, you might as well get lost and go home.

Simple Systems!


Listen to staff
Fix your issues
Give customers what they want
Make your profits
Spend money where it’s needed


Oh and finally, if your attrition is up beyond 50% your business practices are a joke.
Staff don’t turn up to jobs they don’t feel valued in, your sickness rate goes through the roof and you will be refreshing your workforce every 6-8 months.

Class dismissed!