Other Novels

Other Novels

I have been blessed and would like to share with you a snippet from some of the other novels I have written. All of the items on this page are either in active development or available on Amazon Kindle.

The Reluctant Soldier (Available)
A tailor from 1930’s Schenectady wakes up one day to find himself stood in formation on a military base. He doesn’t quite know if he is dreaming, it is actually real or something far worse. He decides to play along thinking he will wake up. Eventually though he comes to the realisation that he is in fact enlisted.

Running With The Pack (development)
Not your typical Werewolf novel. The pack is your family, your home and your protection. When a young woman is attacked, she becomes a werewolf and must learn her place. It turns out that being bitten is usually a death sentence and the victim dies. Either fortunately or unfortunately our female doesn’t die. Her boyfriend becomes one of the cursed dead. Neither alive or dead, but totally alien to both.

Death Machines (development)
In a future where there are machines that stalk the streets in the guise of humans. Even equipped with blood and skin, who can you trust? Not only that but when these Machines deem even their own kind flawed a bloody battle spreads across the stars. With those who want to coexist and those who want to destroy.

Poetry of a darkened soul (Available)
A collection of inspired poems from times in my life when I felt alone, defensive and outcast. In stark comparison to the other poems of love, happiness and joy. A bare all look into the soul of the writer who conjured the words.


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