Wings unfurl
Fingers curl
Feathers swirling
Mousie speaking
Ears prickle
Eyes are flicking
Looking for my next meal.



Unleash the beast
That needs to feast
Eats not veg, or rice, just on meat
The one who walks not on two feet
Bones are breaking
Spine reshifts
Snout extends and fangs come out
Brain goes fuzzy
Man recedes beneath
You are the wolf, you are the beast
Let go of everything else


Its wonderful what a hug can do.
A hug can cheer you up when you are feeling blue.
A hug can say “I do love you so.”
“Babes, I hate to see you go.”
A hug is “Welcome home again!”
“Where the heck have you been?”

A hug can pacify a baby’s ache
and bring a rainbow and banish rain.
There’s just no qualm about it,
we could never live without it.

A hug invites and shares and shows,
That’s why god gave us wings.


Tear down the barriers of their mind,
Leave nowhere for them to hide,
If they die before they quake,
Leave a blood trail in your wake,
Take their joy and take their fear,
Just by your presence as you near,
The more they struggle the more you win,
Takes less time to do them in.


Running around western moors,
Soft grass under all my paws,
Longing for flesh in my jaw,
Hungering always wanting more,
You call we therian or were or lycan,
Name matters not,
I’m more than the lot.

More than man,
More than beast,
I love it like the bitch in heat,
Tear the flesh,
And break the bones,
Let me run and hear the groans.

Leave me be,
Now that I’m free,
I can choose to be me,
Beast in flesh form,
Wolf in skin,
Feel the man cower deep within.


Sinking fangs into soft flesh,
Take the life and her last breath,
Savour the taste of metallic ooze,
Better than the most expensive booze,
Hear the gasp as my teeth pierce,
Ecstatic embrace and love so fierce,
Now she’s mine forever more,
I shall call her my Elinor.

Empty Chair

I sit here and I stare, at your empty chair,

For you are gone and the room is bare.

The laughter and joy of this place is gone,

Your devoted smile like the light of sun.

This place holds no meaning any longer,

For you made this house a home.

Without you in it, the house is dark,

The walls are jaded and entirely stark.

The world like this house is empty without you in it.

Loneliness and solitude live here now.