old me


I was born in Bishop Auckland. A Pit village in the North East of England. In Country Durham to be more specific (or general). My dad works as a type of mechanic (he used to build lawnmower and strimmer engines for Black and Decker and then some other companies). My mother is a team leader for a cleaning firm. I am the oldest of three children, and have 2 sisters who are 3 and 6 years younger than me.

I grew up, as the outsider at school. I didn’t really get bullied, and wasn’t the bully either. I kept to myself mostly and was interested in IT and computers. I did play sports at school, from Golf to Cricket and football, but I wasn’t really sports orientated. There is something about things either been kicked at me, thrown at me or generally coming towards me, that I don’t like.

I grew up with mostly white friends, because I can’t really recall much of a diversity at our school. Possibly because of where it’s located or when I went to school.

I attended College and studied Information Technology, which seemed fitting as I enjoyed building PC’s and taking them to pieces. I helped my Dad when he was building a PC for himself and then took that further with a friend from college who wanted to go into business selling them. I did quite well at college and having more smarts at words and writing rather than physical ability, decided that I wanted to go into writing.

I love the written word, the ability to draw someone in using only their imagination and your skill at writing. I love to write poetry, novels and for some ungodly reason Nascar. I love Sir Ian McKellen and of all the people I would love to meet, he is my hero. My writing hero was Arthur C Clarke and I would have given anything to be in his presence, he inspired me into writing and I used to watch his TV show.

Currently I work in Customer Service. I may one day not need to be under a corporate company and may become a serious writer and not need to work. As of now, I don’t consider myself to be a true writer. I would accept being called an amateur novelist or blogist. I love drinking cheap cola, cheap Irish liqueur and experimenting with Home-brewing. Unfortunately my lack of employment (used to), limit the amount of drinking I’m able to do.

I’m coming to the end of my Bio I think, I like having debates, I don’t like people who try to justify themselves with big words or facts.

I currently live in Blackhall Colliery (another pit village), having moved back from London or more specifically Reading, Berkshire. My one long term wish in life was to own a boat like my Granddad Tom did (I have now accomplished that, however should have learned to sail one first and as such it may not have sunk).

Michael Coatsworth-Burdess

-Birdy or MickyMagpie


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