Archangel Murder Series

The Archangel Murder Series

The series follows the main protagonist Archangel Ramiel as he is cast out of heaven and decides the only way to get back into Gods graces is to make humans worthy by killing them.

The story centres around the lead detective Frank Miller as he attempts to investigate these gruesome murders and bring the culprit to justice.

The Series spans 3 novels:

Revenge, Legacy and End.

In Ramiel’s Revenge, Ramiel is banished to earth for his crimes against humanity. But he decides that is the perfect way to enact his Revenge by making humans a blood sacrifice. This leads to our Hero’s Archangel Michael and a London detective called Frank Miller teaming up to find the killer.

In Ramiel’s Legacy, we begin to uncover the reasons behind a secret agenda that Ramiel has planned. It seems the murders weren’t random or chance encounters. With Michael disposed of, only Frank can stop the renegade angel and his plans.

In Ramiel’s End, Frank is alone in all the world. His only company is an alternative version of himself. He comes across himself as an old man, who has been in the Wasteland for decades and himself as a young man, newly arrived into this hell hole.


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