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Reverend Michael Coatsworth-Burdess (1979-) was born in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, to Frances Coatsworth and David Burdess. Michael’s writing career started early when one of his poems was featured in the local paper at junior school.

Michael’s Pages.Check the Podcast at Mickyblueeyes
Facebook Page at Michael Coatsworth-Burdess
Twitter Page at Mickybnovels

For years Michael ran a successful IT sales company and gaming competition in Bishop Auckland. He has worked in Customer Service. His one claim to fame is speaking to John Prescott and meeting Tony Blair when he came to his home town of Newton Aycliffe.

Michael has an interest in animals and enjoys walking in the countryside, weather permitting.

His one great love is wave jumping. (You wade out into the sea up to your neck or shoulders, and then when you see a wave, you jump up and try to see how far you get carried).

Relationships. Michael would say he hasn’t really found a relationship at the moment. (His long time partner wouldn’t however agree) Having only today came out finally as gay. Anyone who knows him will have guessed (as he is as camp as a holiday caravan park).

I need to amend the above, as people haven’t figured out it was part of a long running joke.


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