Good Friday

Seriously I have to majorly vent here and and I really don’t like to do it. I don’t like people seeing me how angry I get.

But OKAY, Good Friday. It’s a religious holiday where you can’t eat meat, you have to eat fish instead.

So why is it, people who aren’t remotely religious AT ANY OTHER TIME IN THEIR F*****ING LIFE, decide oh we will all go to the Fish and Chip shop today and buy fish?

According to Christianity, Jesus was executed on Good Friday, and died for our sins. In doing so, he sacrificed his flesh. This is why the church encourages followers to abstain from meaty flesh on the anniversary of Christ’s death.

So yeah, we don’t go to church, we don’t do the services but FUCK IT, we will block all roads near a fish shop from morning to evening on Good Friday.

I love fish, I love meat. But what I don’t love is our street has a fish shop right at the bottom. And the road is very narrow. Yet it’s blocked for hours on Good Friday.


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