I posted recently on my personal Facebook and it got quite a lot of responses from my friends.
I was unlucky enough in 2006 to go through a very horrifying situation and I felt that my life was over and wanted to end my life. I found comfort and wanted to share that with you if I could.
I was raped repeatedly over the course of a few weeks/month while placed in State Prison in Albany, Ny. I had gone on holiday and was robbed and had everything stolen. I did the right thing and reported it but needless to say I overstayed my travel visa. When I turned myself in, I was placed in general population in prison for my troubles.
I want to tell you, when you are raped or abused, it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong.
You didn’t invite it

You didn’t encourage it

You aren’t to blame
It has nothing to do with your sexuality, or your race, age etc

It is about power.
People trying to take your power

But they can’t take your power, unless you give it to them.

You are stronger than they are

You are not weak

You still have your power and your dignity.

They are weak and they are small.
I want anyone of the people from Albany Prison in 2016, if you see this and were one of those people who raped me to see. Because you didn’t destroy me, I was down but now I’m standing tall, I take my power back from you and you were cowards!
You don’t have to go though abuse alone and afraid.


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