Stephen Fry on God

I was watching an interview on Facebook with Stephen Fry, where let’s face it he was berating God. You may have seen it.

His argument for hating or not liking God came in 2 parts, which I hope to dispel here. He stated God was not a nice character because of what he brought upon the world.


He stated about a young child dying with a form of cancer, and that God made cancer and how could he allow a child to suffer.

God didn’t create cancer, cancer is a human construct.

  1. We use pesticides and chemicals on plants to make things last longer. We eat the chemicals on the food or in the water and our bodies react to the chemicals.
  2. We poison the air with pollution from millions of cars and factories. The pollution gets into our body and we get sick.
  3. We inject recreational drugs, we pump our body with tar and other chemicals and we get sick.
  4. We have unprotected sex, and we spread diseases amongst ourselves and we get sick.
  5. We get bombarded by radiation, radio waves which have never been fully studied to see their impact. Yet we sit surrounded by machines which produce them in our homes and at work.

The wild animals don’t get cancer. In fact science has proven that Sharks in their bodies have cells which fight things like Alzheimer’s. Other animals have cells or methods for fixing many diseases we seem to catch.

Also in ancient fossils of humans, there has never been found cancer. If cancer is so prevalent it would be in the fossil record and not just humans would have it.

Second part of his argument was God creating a fly that ate it’s way out of children’s eyes in the third world, and a capricious God would allow this.

Eye eating fly

As a lover of science and evolution, Stephen Fry should really have known better. The fly and there are many things which burrow into animals, the Tsetse Fly for example.

These have evolved over the millennia and throughout history to survive. Yes, they are horrific things to behold but they are a product of evolution. Human’s just happen to now live in the same environment as these flies. These insects would have originally done the same things to the animals of those countries, humans just got in the way.

If it wasn’t for poor hygiene, lack of homes and proper medical facilities these things wouldn’t be infecting the children.

In Summary

So rather than blame God, for all our woes how about we fix the issues with homelessness and child poverty in those countries and stop blaming God for all our problems.

And, I don’t mean fix them in a Band Aid sending a few parcels of food over, or rock stars to sing for our pennies. I mean government’s banding together to help with infrastructure, and not where the money gets pilfered down slowly and the mostly rich get the funds.

If each country pulled together and really decided to abolish poverty it would be gone. It’s been proven that as a whole planet we develop enough food and produce seasonally for everyone to eat. If we did away with the whole instant culture we have and just lived seasonally, we wouldn’t go hungry.

Rather than putting money towards military budgets, making war etc and we used the land as farmers do, and we were sensible and didn’t splurge we would have more than enough.

So rather than build our little empires and walls, as Mr Trump wants. We need to live globally, sharing resources, sharing food when it’s in season and using agricultural land properly, without the harmful chemicals. We need to stop wanting a perfectly round and red tomato or perfect potato, because that’s what the supermarkets want to sell. That is why they use the chemicals to make everything look perfect.

If we didn’t care about the look of the food, we could stop using the chemicals, or work in harmony with nature so that things like insects eat the other insects which prey on our food. So the aphids are eaten by ladybugs etc etc.


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