Stop The Press

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STOP THE PRESS, STOP WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING. I’m going to turn your business around, make you successful and give your staff exactly what they need to make your customers love you.

It’s not a sales gimmick or something you are going to have to pay for. It’s not an advertisement or promotion. It’s common sense.


STEP ONE. (This will freak you out but bare me out)

OP’s Managers, Managers, CEO’s… Stop telling your employees what your customers want. You don’t have a F**** clue or know your customers, so SHUT THE HELL UP.

Your front of house staff, customer service staff, or general phone answerers, know what your customers want. They hear it a million times a day.

Simple Tweaks!

STEP TWO. (Still with me so far?)

Get your staff off the phones for a little while, put them in a room with the people who make the decisions and LISTEN TO THEM. REALLY F**** LISTEN!

You may not like what you hear but listen well. However successful you think you are, or how you know what your customers want, you don’t know a thing. Your business is nothing without the customers buying your wares.

Simple Prices!

STEP THREE. (Not left yet.)

Really implement their ideas. It’s all well and good having your BUZZ SESSIONS or BLUE DAY meetings. IMPLEMENT THE IDEAS.

Don’t have happy satisfied customers? Then bye bye FTSE 500.

Simple Processes!

STEP FOUR (Final Step, I promise)

COMPUTER SYSTEMS ARE FOR MAKING LIFE EASIER. If your systems don’t work, require updates or tweaks, or are generally getting in the way. DITCH THAT SH**.

Whether it cost you £10 or £10 million. If it isn’t fit for purpose, you might as well get lost and go home.

Simple Systems!


Listen to staff
Fix your issues
Give customers what they want
Make your profits
Spend money where it’s needed


Oh and finally, if your attrition is up beyond 50% your business practices are a joke.
Staff don’t turn up to jobs they don’t feel valued in, your sickness rate goes through the roof and you will be refreshing your workforce every 6-8 months.

Class dismissed!


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