What are you doing at the weekend?


At the end of every working week I get asked the same question, what are your plans/what are you doing at the weekend?

Every Friday I begin to dread the question. I honestly wished I had something amazing to say.

“I’m going deep sea diving” or “I’m planning on traveling to Scotland” or “hell, you know what I’m going to go hunt some humans”

But the sad truth of the matter is, I have no plans any weekend. I don’t go out getting drunk with my mates, or fishing with friends or family. I sit and watch a bit of TV, I maybe work on my website or my blog.

I lead a very quiet and mild mannered life. I don’t don a cape and rescue buxom blonde bombshells. I don’t leap tall buildings in a single bound.

I’m like Ryan Reynolds before he became Deadpool, and not in the hitman/hired gun way. I’m just ordinary.


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