NHK World

So I was watching In Focus on NHK World and it was a company who sold and made glasses trying a new management process.

Rather than the superiors promoting area managers or headquarters promoting, they get elected by their peers once a year.

You put together your bid/campaign and then take to the stage for the final presentation. All the company get to vote via smartphone and the top 5 are given the position.

Then next year you do the same, you can be demoted or lose your role and go back down a level. The company gets the best candidates based on peer recommendations, and the person who gets promoted has their input into how things run.

On today’s show it was showing last years demotee using the drop in role to get experience at store level and gain peer feedback. Then when he did his pitch added value and when he was then promoted again took back valuable feedback for the R&D of glasses frames which they could tailor fit in store to better fit a customers ears.

I think it’s an amazing idea where managers don’t get complacent and really care for their teams because it’s the peers who have the power to keep them in the role.


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