There are those who are of the opinion Alcoholism is a disease, or a personal choice. Personally I am of the view that you are making an often conscious decision to deal with your problems, whatever they may be by turning to drink.

It may well be a disease, but you are continuing to make that choice to deal with it by drinking more. It also could be a personal choice because of factors in your life. I have been down that road, facing situations where I thought the only thing to do, was to drink to forget.

The issue with that is you never really get drunk enough to forget, and you are damaging yourself and the people around you. Alcoholism is not a victimless ‘crime’. You do and say things you never would if you were sober.

People have lost their homes, their family and job because of alcoholism. I personally have gotten so drunk to fall asleep outside in a park, argue with a tree etc. But, as you grow older, you realise that drinking is not the exciting thing you believe when you’re younger.


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