Michael Coatsworth-Burdess

Michael Coatsworth-Burdess

Born 03/11/1979

Died: ??


This might start to read like another down day, morbid post or whatever you want to think it is. Actually it’s a thankful post, happy for what I’ve experienced and how my life has gone.

I’ve been fortunate to have visited the USA, met some wonderful people, some not so wonderful people and experienced some harrowing events. I got to visit Barcelona, eat lizard thinking it was chicken and visited Salou and Costa Dorada.

I’ve owned my very own sail boat, only for a few moths before tragedy struck and she was destroyed but I was a boat owner. I had high aspirations of sailing around the world for my remaining years of life. Though maybe sailing lessons would have been a good idea.

I gave the coastguard of Lymington a story they can tell each other and laugh of setting a flair off in the Solent  and having to be rescued so close to shore to be laughable.

Despite my current love Rebekah being enormously annoyed for no needed reason, I’ve loved a few women who at the time I thought they were the world, until they broke my heart. And yes, I do tend to wear the heart on my sleeve to some extent.

I’ve won and blown more money than I can care to remember. I’ve abseiled a 60 ft cliff, stood atop a trail in the USA called I believe Indian Rope Ladder. With sheer cliffs and stunning scenery.

I’ve made love to a beautiful woman on the beach under the pier, sat on the beach in the dark looking at the night sky. I’ve worn makeup, tights and a wig. I love nail varnish. I’ve had fake nails and fake eyelashes. The only thing I haven’t tried are heels, because I’d snap them lol.

I’ve got to see some amazing bands in Reading, both Tribute acts and danced the night away at the 80’s bar. I’ve drunk my fair share of wine and alcohol. I’ve been woken up by the police at silly o’clock with my pants round my ankles. I’ve argued with a very wise tree and punches his stupid face.

So when they do write my headstone, it will at least say, “Lived a life that was never boring.”

To my friends who have joined me along the way, if you are still here thank you. If you fell by the wayside, thank you for the time we shared.


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