Too Damn Sensitive

Needless to say, I’ve been around most of the internet and interweb since 1996 or 97. I’ve haunted most of the so called Dark-Web. From the heady days of AOL and Jolly Rodger Cookbook to DALnet and IRC. From Psi-fight to Constructs, and everything in between.

I’ve participated in the OVC and OEC, before it was called such. But, when did it become taboo to post topical pictures or MEME’s?

Don’t offend the OVC, by posting blood dripping out of your mouth with captions like “They said don’t play with your food… but she was too tasty to resist” Or the Therians, by posting a picture of you morphing into a monster and the caption, “Only on my period”

When the hell did this thing called life, become so damn serious?

I’m not bashing the OVC, OEC or Otherkin or it’s people, Hell I was there at the beginning when they were founding these groups. Before the term Online Community was coined. I was there before the Therians and Sang fell out and went their separate ways.

When there was just one big F****ed up family of people getting together on IRC in the DALnet days. Then the politics began and the, “I can’t be your friend because you are friends with them.”

Then sites and groups sprang up for every different sect. Some moved to EFNET or UNDERnet and some bought their own little servers and set up DARKmyst.

We have lost friends among the way in Sangi and others. People have moved on and let go of this online world we have. They’ve become reclusive or just plain given up.

But we can’t take ourselves too seriously, we are ugly bags of mostly water.


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