Think Outside The Box

So, we’ve all had moments when we had to think outside the box for whatever reason.

An interview question, a moment in your life, or even in a job role.

What I’ve come to conclude is you should ask for clarification how far outside the box you are allowed to go.

A moment in life

Your cars just broken down, you have to get somewhere soon.

Thinking outside the box might be hitchhiking, catching a bus, borrowing a bike.

An interview question

A customer came in your store, they’d bought a dress but it was too small.

Thinking outside the box might be, offer a bigger size, offer a similar dress, offer something other than a dress. Maybe a pair of trousers.

In your job role

You need to get a document to someone in a meeting, across the city or country.

You could upload it to the cloud, send a secure courier, hand deliver it.

Where am I going with this?

Recently I had an interview with Apple for a customer service telesales role. This was their question:

A customer is on the phone, their printer isn’t working and they need to print a document for a meeting the next day.

The customer has no insurance or warranty left on their contract. Thinking outside the box help them!

So, my choices to the customer were:

1. Can you upload your documents to the cloud and print from a library. 

2. Can you upload them and print at the company where you’re doing the meeting.

3. Can you send them to me secure email and I’ll print them for you and courier them over.

4. Can you get to a repair station and we will swap the printer for a working model.


Needless to say I didn’t successfully get the job. My options were deemed too far outside the box.

So just be careful with your options lol


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