Depression Awareness

A few years ago I got into a really downward spiral and wanted to share my story, in the hope it could help someone who is going through it at the moment.

I used to self harm, it was my release from pain and stress. I hit rock bottom so bought a pack of scalpels from a pound land and started cutting on my face.

I wanted to make my outside as bad as my insides felt. I lied to people, saying I’d fallen over, or cut myself shaving. I cut on myself for years, the side of my face, inside of my arms anywhere that I could get away with.

I didn’t tell anyone, i just kept it to myself and felt like a coward because I didn’t have the balls to kill myself.

It wasn’t until I started to think maybe I deserve to be here, that I can contribute that the cutting stopped. 

I haven’t raised a knife to myself since 2007 and just want to say hang in there whatever you are feeling, no matter how low you are at the moment. Please give yourself time to let go of the negative.

You are here for a reason, and you are amazing! Thank you.


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