Tablets for North East Schools

I was listening to the radio on Friday and a presenter was discussing how North East schools are having trouble finding tablets for students I. Our schools.

It broke into three reasons, spending cuts, wifi availability and bandwidth allocation.

Yet we have the government promising fibre and 4g super fast roll out by 2020 or some such. How is the North south divide and poverty ever going to change when our youngsters are missing out on an education tool that other schools have?

I believe it’s time for companies in this area to step in and each offer or donate a few dozen tablets to a local school in their area.

We have for example, Siemens, EE, Apple all in the north east with call centres and manufacturing plants to name but a few.

I’ve seen tablets for as little as £20-40, so reinvest some of your profits into the next generation of employees.



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