Love and youngsters

Have you ever been in love when you were young? I’m often asked how do I know if I’m in love from people from all walks of life and all ages. But I think most of the people who ask are younger than I am.

People who are 16-25 I would say have the most questions or lack of understanding what love is, or how to determine if you are in love. The people who read this who are critics will argue that love is a chemical signature in the brain. That love doesn’t really exist in the real world.

If love was only a release of endorphins and triggers in the brain, mainly used for procreating the species how could you explain that? You feel the way you do because your brain is releasing chemicals into your blood stream that are designed to further the species.

To me, that sounds so cold an explanation for something as beautiful as love. When you are in love, you feel wonderful, like you could do and accomplish anything. I feel sad for people who have never experienced it.

To be in love is a wonderful thing, to have someone who completes you so utterly and that you couldn’t imagine your life without. When you loose that, something dies inside.


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