Black Friday

Black Friday Mania



Loving a bargain!

We all know everyone loves a bargain; but when you are fighting with other people in the isles of a Supermarket, just because Black Friday deals have reduced the price of TV’s, electrical and other items it’s a sad state of affairs.

It’s all over the news that Police were called in to certain stores, fights broke out in car parks at 4am in the morning because Tesco and Asda have reduced their prices.

I am not shocked at all by this level of hooliganism when it comes to people out to save a buck. When you are prepared to stamp on someone, steal out of their trolleys or punch someone in the face to get your hands on a TV, you will get what you deserve in the end.

Are the supermarkets to blame?

To a majority of the extent, yes. They are supplying the demand for the items in the first place. Rather than have a blow out one day a year, why not just drop prices overall and be done with it.

When they are creating that much hype and frenzy, but then running out of stock, tempers are going to get frayed!

Why behave the way they do?

People are generally lone creatures, we still have that fight for our food, for the best mate responses. But that doesn’t explain it I’m afraid to say that most of it is just greed. Pure greed that they want to snatch something, to own it, and to hell with the niceties of polite society.

Just bloody shop online!

You can get the same deals online and have them delivered, you can shop around all year round and have the pick of the litter when it comes to TV’s. In a world where money is the driving factor, you could shop online from the continent or Asia and have your items shipped internationally.

Plus, you don’t have to act like a football hooligan and push, shove or injure your fellow human beings to get a bargain.


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