New Experimental Potato (The Bald Bekah)

The Bald Bekah

In tribute to my partner Rebekah Colegrove, we have for the first year harvested our trial potato The Bald Bekah. It’s only the first batch and was part of a small “Wee-trial” that we decided to do, having never grown anything before.

Bald Bekah Potato
Bald Bekah Potato

It has a lovely thin skin and is great for mashing or Baked Potato. Haven’t tried roasting as yet.

Just dig it out the ground, wash it in a bit of running water and it comes up as clean as in the photo. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a consistent size across the board, but hopefully with practice and consistent watering and temperature, we can come up with something that all looks the same.

Bald Bekah close up
Bald Bekah close up

This is how it looks just washed. Apart from one that had got a few polyps the others were perfectly healthy. We re-planted the ones that were too small and should get a second generation of Bald Bekah’s hopefully next year.

If anyone would like to try some, I can hopefully turn one or two into seed potato’s to continue growing her next year.


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