Melding of the Minds

Two giants

So, the news is Apple and IBM announced they will collaborate on a joint venture to get Ipad and Iphones into corporate use. The offering will be tailored to industries like healthcare, banking and the like. Will this new idea be a force for good or is it just about putting Apple devices into companies where they aren’t already being used?

For Apple

Apple win because IBM is the go to brand for cloud services and support solutions. They get an in road into the big business of corporate technology. However part of me is thinking this is just a way Apple can block the progress of Google’s android systems.


But what does IBM get out of the deal? It get’s it’s apps onto Ipad and Iphones but what else is there to sweeten the deal?

Where’s Microsoft?

Where is Microsoft? Well long has it wanted to be the One Stop Solution for businesses, however if Microsoft wants to stay relevant and not become the dinosaur in the corner, it needs to find a new business partner akin to IBM.

Playing catchup

Microsoft launched services to compete with IBM, it now offers cloud services and mobile platforms but you cant help but think it’s a little too late. Microsoft clung to their laurels as an operating system for the longest time and thus the whole internet and cloud movement passed them by.

Yes in recent years they’ve bought Skype and Nokia, Yammer and is about to buy Xamarin it’s rumored. But is all this buying just about playing catch up?


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