Companies and Websites

Companies and Websites

Now, I don’t want to start this post by belittling companies out there. What this is intended to do is show the frustration when trying to do any research into a job role or a company.

I recently, well today went for a job interview and the only website the company had to do research on was a 2 page vistaprint basic looking website that a 6 year old could have made. It had a front page and then a donation page. That’s it.

Now, this company goes door to door, trying to sell people vouchers. You call on the customers and direct them to a website. (There’s no selling involved) Now, considering it’s the same website I looked at to do research on the company. That is the first people are going to know of your business.


If you are a trading company, there are two important things to have ready.

  1. A Website which looks professional and is informative.
  2. Social media accounts to interact with customers.

I’m sorry but there are quite a few offerings that let you get a decent template website with no initial outlay.

Two of my favourites:

Weebly offers a very graphically rich website with hundred and hundreds of themes to choose from. The interface is quite simple to use and you can drag and drop things into place. You can have blogs and an online store easily enough.

Wix creates java based websites at the drop of a hat. They offer slideshows with ease and you can even add e-commerce facilities with a paid package.


The worst thing you can possibly do is offer a two page website with poor layout, no SEO and frankly blocks of nonsensical text. I won’t name and shame the companies I did research for as this isn’t what the post is about.

A poor website makes the company feel less grounded and I even found myself questioning the company. Purely based on the website. After all if they have been trading and making money, why wasn’t that spent on a website?


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