Peter Capaldi as The Doctor

I have to say I am reserving judgement until I’ve seen some of the episodes however from the beginning I think Peter is a wonderful actor, but I believe he is wrong for the role.

In recent years, we have had a Doctor who was too much for children and young audiences and it’s lost some of it’s roots. I believe that we need someone reminiscent of William Hartnell, who we wouldn’t have a Doctor Who today was it not for him and Verity Lambert.


In the vein of that, I would like to put forward Bill Nighy, a charismatic English gent if ever there was one. He is the embodiment of what we would expect from a Time Lord, who was traveled the universe and seen pretty much everything there is to see.


The Doctor, should be wise, with skill and cunning rather than gadgets and technology. Someone who can use his head and get out of the jams that seem to befall him on a regular basis.


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