European Independence

So, the whole election thing is way over and so #UKIP won a victory for the independents. However what isn’t being addressed with all the stupid name calling and back biting about Nigel Farage by Russel Brand, comedians and the ilk, is why the huge shift to an independent in the first place.


As part of the EU, we have to accept their rules, regulations and laws. We have to open our borders to EU states and allow passage of their migrants. It’s the same reason the US wanted their independence. They didn’t want another country telling them how to run their affairs.


If you agree with #UKIP and Farage, you are called everything from a Racist to a Traditionalist. The neigh sayers spout every line from, “you must be a royalist”, “you want to go back to when England ruled everything”. It’s the kind of inane babble that hides the real issues. The issues are that people in this country are now beginning to see that the other two parties are just the same. They have similar manifesto’s and they promise the same things.


Heck, this current Government were breaking promises they made to students, teachers and the working classes even before they got into office. The whole u-turn on University Fee’s was just one of the manifesto pledges broken. So when it comes to #UKIP I say give them a chance and see if they are any different when they come to power.


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