Holidays, and your working rights

So I cam across this link while perusing the interweb as I often do.

Apparently, in the UK at least employers have the right to give you times you can’t take a holiday or times when you MUST take a holiday. Now, call me old fashioned (as some of you do), but if you have worked your socks off and earned your 28 days (paid leave). Shouldn’t you then be able to take them whenever you like?


I have worked in companies, that because of lack of work gave me extra days off (above my holidays). I have also worked at companies that offered to buy your holidays back off you. So in effect, you got a bit of money for the holiday, and also got to work some extra days and make your usual wage.


Should companies be allowed to box certain times off? Surely that would just lead to companies who know they get busy at Christmas, refusing to let people have Christmas off.


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