Searching for yourself on the Google Machine

Google Machine

By google machine, I of course mean the Interweb search engine.

Searching for yourself

By searching for yourself, I mean typing your name into the Google Machine (See above).


I’m less than awe inspired by the lack of quality in terms of the search results. Most of them were my E-books or Print books, translated into countless languages. Some mention another Michael Burdess, who died in the 1800’s and was a miner.

Now, I know that I’ve traveled this Earth for centuries, (being the immortal I am) but I can’t recall ever dying down a mine. It may have happened, and because it was really traumatic, decided not to remember it. Funny thing was, it happened in Durham, where I was born.

back to results

My blog came up, my website and a long forgotten Myspace page. My twitter didn’t come up, my deviantArt didn’t come up and nor did a host of other things. Hell, even my achievements in competitions didn’t make it to the Wiki.

In conclusion

I have to say, I feel less good about myself now than I did when I began the search because I was bored. Anyone else ever Google Machined themselves? What were your results.


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