So I like Nascar and don’t understand why people don’t get it. It often atleast by Top Gear is ranked as worse than Formula 1. I haven’t really gotten into Formula 1 because it’s too technical and there is nothing really in it.

It’s expensive cars, with more technology than your average space ship whereas in Nascar the cars are basic and it’s the drivers that do all the hard work.

From a drivers point of view, every detail you feel in the car has to be related to the pit team as you go round. There is no downloading from a sensor.

Hell, even drivers who have done both, say there is nothing like Nascar for the feel of the cars, the amount of skills the driver needs or just how on your seat it really is.

I bring the subject because I can’t watch it without the Mrs saying Nastycar instead of Nascar.

The real difference is that in Formula 1, it’s nearly always predictable who is going to win, it’s either one manufacturer or another, yet for excitement until the very last corner or so, Nascar is open to whoever is the bravest and drives to their limit.


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