Rolf Harris found guilty (Miscarriage of Justice)

I do not for one second believe anything people have accused #RolfHarris of. There is no evidence, it’s all hearsay and conjecture. In a real court it would be thrown out for lack of evidence.

Yes, people do bad things. But all this comes from the Jimmy Saville case. Jimmy is dead and so everyone is looking for other celebrities to go after. Jim Davison, Freddy Starr and many others have gone through the wringer over this. It’s so easy to attack a celebrity and because they are in the public eye, it can damage their careers.

I genuinely believe it’s people who have seen an opportunity to make a quick buck. Hell, I’ll say someone abused me and can make thousands on the story in the papers. We know that the newspapers will be throwing money for these peoples stories (whether they are real or not).

I usually don’t comment on trials or the like, and have never really blogged about it. Yet this is so utterly ridiculous that I refuse to not comment. Whatever you believe, whether you go with the media and think he did it. Or whether like me you know something smells odd.

Rolf, you are innocent and never think otherwise. How many innocent people have been sent to prison because someone wanted them out the way?


12 thoughts on “Rolf Harris found guilty (Miscarriage of Justice)

  1. Rick Butler

    I agree with you. None of the accusers’ stories add up, they changed details in their stories as it suited them and there is a strong lack of corroborating evidence. Plus, the accusers had a strong motivation to lie. i.e. financial reward.

    The conviction that troubles me most is the Leigh Park one. There’s no evidence at all that Rolf was even there (he was an international superstar in the late ’60s, why would he be doing a gig at a community centre on a council estate?), and the idea that he could have molested a girl on stage while facing a packed hall is ludicrous. Also he quite clearly doesn’t (and has never had) hairy hands as the accuser said. Yet the jury found him guilty anyway.

    1. I’m sure I heard that for one of the so called events, he wasn’t even in the country.

      All they have to do to confirm, is check the passport stamps. I’m sure they didn’t just let him come and go as he pleased.

      1. Misty

        The problem with checking the passport stamps is that the Leigh Park Community Centre woman couldn’t say exactly when she was supposedly watching Rolf Harris there. First it was reported that she was there in 1968 watching him sing ‘Two Little Boys’ (which wasn’t released until late 1969). Then some newspapers started reporting that she was there between 1968 and 1970 (no doubt someone realised that she couldn’t possibly have remembered Rolf Harris singing ‘Two Little Boys’ in 1968).

        Rolf Harris would have been going backwards and forwards to Australia all the time – just to give an example, the ‘Trove’ Australian archived newspaper website reveals that he was in Canberra in June 1968 and in Darwin in May 1969. Without a firm date for his supposed performance at this community centre on a council estate in an unremarkable town, the passport stamps mean nothing (unfortunately).

        The Leigh Park Community Centre’s website states that its main hall holds ‘up to 150 people’, which is more suited to a whist drive than an international artist and singer. No advertisements or flyers for his performance have surfaced, nor have any souvenir programmes (all of which would have given the date of the performance).

        His fee for appearing would probably have been beyond what the people running this modest hall could afford – and even if they had booked him, this would have had to be reflected in the ticket prices (maximum of 150 to be sold, remember), putting them out of reach of many of the locals. They would have wanted to recoup their investment, meaning that it would have been heavily advertised. And, given that this would have been the most exciting thing to happen to Leigh Park since the opening of the Tampax factory in 1959, the complete lack of press coverage is intriguing indeed.

        Old photos of Rolf Harris don’t show ‘big hairy hands’. He was the focus of attention as people in a queue (which suggests a crowd) waited to get his autograph. The woman, in her evidence, said that he crouched down and put his hand ‘down the back and up’. Yeah, with all those people watching and from a crouching position and with his left hand because he would have been holding the autographing pen in his right. And he performed this tricky manoeuvre not once, but twice. The judge, in his sentencing remarks, said that Rolf Harris put his hand up her skirt. That would be much easier. But the woman didn’t say this – she said ‘down the back and up’.

        The woman has now waived her right to anonymity and is now quoted as saying: “I was very shocked by it [the appeal] and very upset. It was the last thing I imagined hearing. It really shook me up and it’s really wrong of him. It shows that he’s got no remorse in any shape or form. It just seemed like I couldn’t move on from it. It’s not going to go away, he’s not going to give up. I remember as a child his eyes were very cold, I felt that again during the trial. It’s almost as if he’s saying ‘you’re never going to get to me, you’re never going to stop me’. I almost felt like I was in the cell with him, serving time with him. The pain I felt, it was terrible.”

        Er … yeah. And in her evidence she said how he was smiling when she went to get his autograph, but now it turns out that he had very cold eyes. And is it me, or does she sound terribly twitchy about his appeal for some reason?

      2. All very valid points, the reason I mentioned passport stamps was just in general. If the date had been known it could be checked against the stamps.

        But you’re completely right about there would be some evidence of the event.

  2. Rose

    I still find it hard to believe too. There are so many things that seem odd. Not least the very neat verdict on the Monday, after the jury’s questions to the judge were published on the Friday. Why did the public need to know those questions?

    1. It was a witch hunt pure and simple. They saw how much people were making off the Jimmy Saville for their stories and went after Rolf. It was never about evidence as there wasn’t any.

      At most it was a 30 year dead case. There was no trace evidence, no semen or fibres it was heresay and conjecture.

    2. I didn’t even understand most of them, Rose, did you? They were most odd…. Here they are, for anyone who missed them:

      1. Can we discuss legal directions given as there seems some confusion as a juror is making behavioural assumptions which is taken into account as evidence in many counts;

      2. We are to judge each count independently — please clarify;

      3. Is it allowed to stereotype what the victim should have done prior to an alleged offence taking place in more than one count or using it against them;

      4. As opposed to using patterns within counts to help decide an outcome of one count surely it is non advisable to take evidence from one count in the future to judge the count in the here and now NB count 3-9 please clarify;

      5. Can the veracity of a witness statement in one count be taken into account when judging the voracity of a witness statement in another count.”

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