What an exceptional interview

So, I had an interview today and was struck by the people interviewing. The gentleman said he had searched and came across my wordpress. Which threw me for a loop.

It got me thinking, what does my wordpress say about me? It gave me a chance to look back at some of my posts and it would be fair to say that I tend to swear in my posts a lot.

Although, they make me laugh too, which I find lightens the mood and leads to warm fuzzy feelings inside. It made me draw a comparison between the old Pirate Radio stations like Radio Rock and the like that spawned the Radio stations we have today.

So, in the same ilk as Radio Rock:

The Count: To all our listeners, this is what I have to say – God bless you all. And as for you bastards in charge, don’t dream it’s over. Years will come, years will go, and politicians will do fuck all to make the world a better place. But all over the world, young men and young women will always dream dreams and put those dreams into song. Nothing important dies tonight, just a few ugly guys on a crappy ship. The only sadness tonight is that, in future years, there’ll be so many fantastic songs that it will not be our privilege to play. But, believe you me, they will still be written, they will still be sung and they will be the wonder of the world.

Gavin Cavanagh: Hit it!


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