Questions to ask at an interview

Any Questions?

It often strikes me that, and I admit to doing this in the past miss a trick when it comes to the “Any Questions?” at the end of an interview. Most people will use forgettable or snatch and grab questions.

The issue is nearly all candidates want to shout out the ‘uber-smart’ the one that will make the interviewer think they have the next Einstein sitting in front of them. Unfortunately they don’t really care about what the answer is. It’s just about the appearance.

The best of the best candidates will have already thought of questions to evaluate the company they are going for. They are deciding if they want to work for your company, in your roles and that comes across.

So, in the vein of uber-smart questions, here are 5 that will make you stand out from the crowd.


What do you expect from me within the first month?

The best candidates, hit the ground at a sprint. They don’t want to be waiting to be shown what do do. However that doesn’t mean making up your own processes and making mistakes.

The best candidates, want to be ahead of the curve. They don’t want to take weeks getting up to speed.

What stands out about your top earners/performers?

The best candidates, don’t want to be second best, they want to be top dog and earn the big money. Maybe your top performers work longer hours, come in earlier or learn about the products and services so they can be more informative.

Best candidates, want to know what makes them top. 1) so they can practice it 2) so they can copy it 3) so they can out perform at it.

What drives your companies results?

Employees are assets, they make the contributions to your success as a company. In every company some roles have more impact on results than others. The Best candidates, aren’t looking to be pegs in peg sized holes. They want to know your business needs, so they know where they can put the extra effort into earning themselves and you the big bucks.

The best candidates, realize that by making you successful, they make themselves successful too.

How are you going to deal with…?

All businesses from large organisations to small family businesses all have competition, challenges and things to overcome. Whether that’s a new shop opening up a few miles away, a new piece of technology or legislation to contend with.

A great candidate, doesn’t want to just be a stepping stone. They want to know how you plan on dealing with that issue, and be a part of overcoming it.

You aren’t a peg

If you want to stand out from the pile of mass CV’s or Resume’s, or you want to stand head above the others at an interview, you can’t do it by trying to give the interview what you think they want. If you really want the job, go run and grab it.


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