Little story

Jane had come to meet Mark in the summer of 2010. She’d met him at JFK airport and as they rode back to her motor home they held hands and smiled.

“I’m really glad you’re here” said Jane as she pulled into the woods behind her house.

“I’m glad I’m here too!” he replied squeezing her hand as they pulled his luggage out of the black Camaro. A few months later Mark came home from the grocery store where he worked a little earlier than usual. He found Jane’s laptop was still turned on but heard the shower running. So, just out of curiosity he clicked the screensaver off and twitter was loaded up.

As he read the messages his veins ran iced cold.

‘Oh Johny, I love you so much. I’ll always be waiting. Just have to wait until Mark is out of the way.’

‘I’ll be here waiting babe, my feelings for you will never change.’

Mark left the laptop and walked to the bedroom he and Jane shared. He piled is clothes back into the suitcase and found his passport and money in the top drawer.

He left a note for Jane, “I trusted you, I looked after you, paid your bills and you have done this to me. Hope you and Johny live happy ever after.” He finally tucked the letter under the engagement band still in the box.

4 days later he was back home in his own country. He never did find out what happened to Jane or Johny, just that he was happy to find out sooner rather than marry her and then figure out.


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