Solar Panel false economy?

I was speaking to someone at the bus stop the other morning who was talking about buying 3 solar panels to live off the grid.

Well knowing someone who had 8 at last count and from what he’d said I thought I better tell the guy not to bother with only 3.

It turns out each current technology level panel generates about at most a half a kw (being generous) on sunny days. To put this in perspective a bog standard shower is about 3-9 kw. A vacuum cleaner can be up to 2 kw.

Electric storage heaters (which I have) run about 10kw to charge up at night.

Well the guy with 8 panels, tells me even he isn’t living off grid. On a good full sunny day he can charge his batteries enough to last at most a day.

In reality all the solar panels do is trickle charge a bank of however many batteries. Then when there is no sun, your electricity comes out of the batteries charge and then your electric grid picks up the slack when batteries are low.

It could reduce your electricity bills a fraction but not as much as people expect or would hope. For that you would need much improved solar panel technology and battery storage.


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