Well they gone and took my Gold membership away. (Yeah stop whining I hear you say!)

Those of you who chirped up and thought that straight away, don’t know what you’re on about. In 2012 I got my finger sliced open in the Reading store while trying to get a piece of loo roll. I reported it to the manager who had me file a report to send to head office.


Well long story short, they gave me a written apology and a Starbucks card with Gold membership (for life) or words to that effect. So now 2 years on and lo and behold someones decided that for life, no longer means for life. Well we know that from people who get sentenced to life imprisonment. At least they get 10 years or so.


OK so I know it’s not the end of the world, but it is the principle. If someone decides that you deserve some sort of recompense, only for the new kid on the block to decide that no you don’t anymore is a sad state of affairs.


The letter never mentioned anywhere that the membership would end, maybe in a very small print underneath or invisible ink. LOL Anyway I’ve writted an email to Starbucks and will see if anything ever comes of it. Oh btw I trademarked and copyrighted ‘StarSucks’ so don’t even think of nicking it!


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