Depression Meds

In my life there have been a few knocks and periods of depression, at one point I was basically taking a different antidepressant every few months to find the right balance of side effects that didn’t counteract my Tremors medication.

I came across quite a few articles while sifting my email inbox this morning and one was asking about antidepressants or drugs that make you feel genuinely happy. (I should clarify that as prescription drugs).

My experience of antidepressants was that they leveled out the depressed feelings and thoughts, but they never really gave you a positive effect. They left me feeling nothing, emotionless almost like there was no emotion in me. From a few others, well lots of others they have the same flat line of base emotions on antidepressants.

I’m sorry to say that there is no booster pill that will give you a state of happiness within yourself, that will take therapy as well as the right medications (if medications are needed). I would recommend that anyone feeling depressed or wanting an instant happy feeling, needs to look within themselves for the answer.


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