Funny Things

I often take public transport, it’s cheaper than a car and it saves the environment ideally. I was sat at the back of the bus the other day and saw the signs I’m going to show you. Then I’ll explain why I thought it was funny.



Now on my bus it doesn’t quite look like this but, on the glass in front of the hammer on mine, it says toughened glass.



Again, mine doesn’t look like this but it is essentially the same thing.

The Funny

Now, what I think is funny is that you have to break a piece of toughened glass to eventually break another piece of glass. Why not just break the window glass with the hand you are going to have to break the hammer glass with?

I’m sure, if it came down to it, you aren’t going to worry about a cut hand. Especially if it saves your life! I’ve also been on buses where the hammer is attached to a chain, just long enough to get near the window. (An oversight or just so you don’t go nicking the hammers>


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