Any response is better than no response at all

Any response is better than no response at all

We hear about it all the time, on the internet, newspapers – the outrage that telephone calls, emails and letters are endlessly ignored when it comes to job applications. This is happening all over the country and is leading to frustration and anger. In a world where communication is faster than at any other time in history, is it just bad manners? This is nothing new, but after reports of several people suffering nervous breakdowns and getting so demoralized with the system.

In these times of tremendous hardships, price rises and skyrocketing unemployment, it’s more vital that ever that people get replies. And yet more than 80-90% of applications will go un-replied.

That is one of the most comments I get fed back by other jobseekers is the lack of response. I came across a telephone conversation the other day on the Radio, in which an employer stated, ‘If there’s no reply from a firm about an application, the applicant must realize it’s not worth sending out hundreds of letters to apologize.’

It boiled my blood, that Mr Safe-in-his-job would think that given he has never been on the receiving end of no replies. But not knowing either way is a demoralizing situation, because you hope in your heart that you, above all others will be chosen; and that despair can lead to emotional breakdown, depression and worry.

Is it better to receive an auto-generated email than nothing?

I got an email, obviously auto-generated but the last line gave me some comfort.

Unfortunately, as we receive many thousands of applications every month, we are unable to respond to everyone over the phone, even though we would like to, so please accept our apologies for the impersonal nature of this email.

Many thanks for your interest in our organisation.

Kind regards

I found that comforting that even though, the company was replying en mass, it included an apology that they were doing so. During the endless agony of waiting, speculating and eventual let down you often hear ‘I’m sure they’ll get back to you soon’ are words you no longer hear from Jobcentre staff, who are well aware of the failing replies.

If we flip this to other industries! When you ring a plumber for a leaking tap, leave a message stating you need him immediately and could he get back to you. When they don’t you despair. However they are courteous enough when they finally do get back to you, to begin with they apologize and but it down to being too busy.

It boggles the mind that in all of this, one person from that company is too busy to make a quick call to say, ‘I’m sorry Mr-didn’t-get-it but you were unsuccessful. I wish you better luck elsewhere.’

I believe that courtesy and good manners should prevail and be given a small window of light to flourish into small flowers. Take one day out of your busy ‘job’ to reply to clients who have applied for positions and just give them a ‘No I’m sorry’ it would make everyone who was applying for jobs happier.

I mean if the company you’re applying to is so customer focused and it’s such a worthwhile job, which one would hope it is, what kind of company doesn’t reply to emails? Just a last thought!


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