Doctor’s and their medicine

Doctors and their rants

So I saw a rant from a Doctor to someone who had written something about medicine. Basically the Doctor was saying if you have no Chemistry or Biology background, you shouldn’t refuse to get your child vaccinated. It stems from the worry mothers have about the flu jab I believe and Autism. (I’m no expert so I can’t say).

But, it got me to thinking back over everything Doctor’s used to tell you, or used to do for medicine.

  1. It wasn’t long ago that Doctor’s were telling people to smoke cigarettes for the good of their health.
  2. Before that they used to tell sick people not to go out during the night, because of vapors.
  3. It wasn’t long ago Doctor’s used cut up stomach worms and give them to patients for dieting.
  4. Then they used to drill into people’s heads to let the demons out.

The truth is medicine is constantly evolving and they are finding things they used to believe are wrong. So given the fact that they someones have gotten it wrong. Is it not prudent to take what they say with a pinch of salt.

Let’s say that in 20 years, there’s a study that does find a link between the flu jab and Autism. Then they will owe some mothers a serious apology.

Where am I going with this?

I want that Doctor who put down the person in his rant and basically said she was an idiot for not getting the injection for her child, to apologize. 


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