New Segment – Man V Machine


Man Vs Machine

To set some ground rules for these epic versus matches.

  1. It must be Man/Woman Versus actual machine. For example it cannot be a man with a spade versus an earth mover. For the simple reason someone has to operate the machine in that case.
  2. It has to be current technology. It cannot be Mike Tyson Versus Adam from Real Steel. That is fiction.
  3. It must be within the same broad sphere as the human. For instance it can’t be an artist and a colour printer.

The First Ever Man V Machine Segment – Artistic Painting.


This is Alison Van Pelt a contemporary American artist who trained in Los Angeles and Florence. Her work evokes notes of minimalism and expressionist styles. The painting above is called Chuck Close.


This is e-David this weeks Machine. Said to be as creative as a human artist, e-David can sketch, paint and draw in various mediums. Show it a picture and it can duplicate the picture using a built in camera. The camera is then fed into a ‘feedback loop’ which can be controlled to show as much or as little detail from the original as desired.


Though I take the point that this robot, does indeed paint. By using a camera to copy from an original it is not capable of the type of freedom and imagination of a human painter.

In reality painting isn’t limited to humans, there is a famous elephant who paints and has sold paintings. So this Man V Machine, has to for now at least go to the Human, Alison Van Pelt.


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