Enders Game – review

The premise of Enders Game? Rememer Independence Day, where Randy Quaid’s character, “tell my children I love them” then flies his plane into the ship and destroys it?

That’s the starting plot of Enders Game. 50 years after that event humans have decided to wage a preemptive strike on the insects to kick them while they are down.

To that end, they have built a floating space base where they train kids, (because they are the best tacticians) to be the leader who will destroy the bugs once and for all.

The main character, Ender is picked because he’s always getting into fights and kicking people when they are down.

Ender’s final test comes about and he destroys the home planet and wins, only to find out it hasn’t been a simulation at all. He’s been commanding real men and commiting genocide.

Ender is led to a cave where the enemy queen is dying, she entrusts him with a baby queen to go put somewhere in the universe to start over. She does this apparently because Ender is sorry and shed’s a tear.

Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley are the big names thrown in to add some famous name weight, but they are pretty much wasted characters.

The CGI is too heavily used and though visually good looking, can’t hold up a poor story and bad dialogue.

Overall I give Enders Game 3 out of 5.


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