EternalNite the Alpha build is coming along nicely

What’s Done

A nice logo screen. (Above image burning in flames)
Prequel level (You’re a soldier investigating bizarre noises and a missing squad).
First actual level (Code-named: The Island)

What is EternalNite?

EternalNite is a game where you play as either a Vampire or Werewolf, in the Prequel level you are attacked and infected. When the game starts (you choose your side).

EternalNite will be a 3rd and first person Roleplaying game. Unlike other games, you are the weapon but you have to hide from the public, sneak around and leave no trace of your kills. If the humans become aware of your existence the army will be dispatched and your world and life ended.

EternalNite will call upon stealth skills, hiding in shadows and snatching your prey. On the flip side, your enemies will also be hunting for food in the same city. It’s your mission to stop their spread.

* If you choose to be a Vampire, then werewolves would be the enemy and vice versa.

EternalNite will also have NPC’s who can offer you quests should you wish them. The world is open, go where you like. Quests will offer rewards.

Why create EternalNite?

I love the Underworld movies, and RPG’s but there are no really decent Vampire/Werewolf specific games out there. I have come across people on the net asking about Vampire or Werewolf RPG’s. There really aren’t any.

Vampire Masquerade and Bloodlines, were good games. That is why EternalNite came about.

My Team

At the moment, I am doing pretty much (well actually am) doing everything. I’d like for people who know people, who want to get this type of game out there to come onboard. I need modellers, coders, graphic artists etc to help bring this to life. I can only go so far on my own. I am using Unity3d, because of it’s simplicity and ease of use.

This is a really huge undertaking, but I am putting the hours and days into it. To bring a polished and good game.

A pre-alpha test is available to download for Windows PC’s at this is the previous version. So far it only shows the Island level and is a walk around.


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