The beauty of Literature



The beauty of literature and the written word, is that it has the power to transport you to the distant future where spaceships fly like boats sailing on celestial currents; or it can transport you back to your favourite era to spend time with your most enigmatic monarch; or it can send you into a fantasy world of Dark Elves, goblin kings and dragons.

Yet you never have to leave your room, you are never in danger of being hurt physically, and you get to go back as often as you like.


Those are some of the reasons I like writing novels and reading other peoples words. They give me beauty and mystery, love and romance, passion and pain (all at once).


5 thoughts on “The beauty of Literature

  1. Francesca Maria

    I have a passion for reading. Here in Sicily unfortunately people are not brought up to read. You would be horrified to learn that very few families have books or anything to read in their houses. No magazines, no newspapers, no books. This is not due to the computer, it has always been so. Reading and education just simply are not priorities. It is changing but slowly.

      1. Francesca Maria

        Oh, no no. It’s just that they are not brought up to read. Reading is considered a waste of time. Nowadays, young people will not work the land, they go to school but only read what they need to read for their lessons, they will not buy books or any reading material. That is why there is still a lot of narrowmindedness here. As I said though, it is changing. Many parents realized the necessity of learning a language so many of them send their kids to the UK or Spain.

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