Indoor voices and not offending someone

My glublies,

Prepare to be told off, mentioned in posts or turned into a character in my story; if like some of these people your voice doesn’t have a quiet mode.

When your voice is loud enough to be heard even before I get on the bus, loud enough to hear through a building between us, you my fuzzy idiot are a Gobshite.

I don’t want to hear you call your girlfriend or man friend, the offensive N word. If you don’t like a white person calling you it, don’t call yourselves it!

I don’t even want to hear you complain about the moron you live with, who stays up til 3am watching porno. But, how he can’t find your buttons.

If your conversation is what I like to call “private”, then you shouldn’t want anyone else to hear it. Tell you what, reel off all the numbers on your bank card. I’ll have a pen handy.

If you think I’m joking, I was sat behind a woman on the bus. Topping her mobile phone up, saying all the information you would need to buy something online.

Name, date of birth, house address, even all her card details.

Now, I am as honest as they come so would not use such things. But someone might.


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