I just don’t get interviews

I just don’t get interviews at the moment, I get them as in getting the interview. What I mean is I don’t understand them.

I had an interview on Friday, as you’ll be aware if you follow my posts. It started off really well, then I heard, Why do you want this you’re over qualified!.

I have been looking for work since August, I may be overqualified, but I want to get back into work because I need the money and I hate having nothing to do. When I lost my job, I lost my rented room. The Pakistani gentleman who owned the building, evicted me when the rent went 2 months over. I owed £800 and with no job in sight he evicted me onto the street.

I was homeless for 6 months and there is no way in hell I will ever want it to happen again. So I apply for any job going.

The last question was, “Why should we give the job to you over some of the other people here with qualifications and experience.”

And it struck me that, in answering the question I could blag and bullshit my way into a job. But then I am taking away from someone who deserves the role.


  1. I don’t have experience in care
  2. I don’t have qualifications in care
  3. I have a fear of people (stems from being attacked in my own home by a knife wielding idiot)

So I answered truthfully, I told them that if there was someone more qualified and with more experience, they rather than me should get the job. (Sorry if that comes across as stupid, but I will not lie or defraud someone to get my foot in the door).

In closing I said, “Should I get the job, I would give it 100%, I like talking to people and getting to know them. I like learning new skills.”

I got a phone call this morning from the place that sent me for the interview. The feedback they were given was I interview very well, but didn’t come across as wanting the job.

Why, because I didn’t jump over someone else to do it?

Maybe I should have answered suchlike:

“You should give it to me because I’m great, I have so much to give, and quite frankly I’m the SHIT!”


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