Camylobacter and MRSA Carrier

So, anyone who follows my blogs regularly will remember when I was rushed into hospital before Christmas. Well I got a letter through the door telling me they found Campylobacter and MRSA in my samples.

The letter went on to say I am highly infectious and not to go into work if I worked with children, the elderly or people with low immune systems.

So given the fact that I keep either infecting myself or reinfecting myself, it boggles the mind that I am being made to attend an interview at a Care home today at 1:30pm.

I personally, though it hasn’t been confirmed believe that I keep infecting myself through my bowel problems and the infection must keep getting into my blood stream (making me a carrier).

I wash everything in bleach, plates and utensils, surfaces and cooker places. I wash in water with 5 cap fulls of Antiseptic disinfectant as instructed. I use alcohol gel after going to and from the loo. And yet I still get it. Which means it has to be coming from inside me. (In my opinion).

This exert from the NHS guidelines:

Do I need to stay off school or work?

Yes. While you are ill and have symptoms you are infectious. You can return to work or school once you
have been free from diarrhoea for 48 hours. (I have diarrhoea every day – like clockwork)

You should tell your employer you have had campylobacter infection if you work with vulnerable groups
such as the elderly, the young, those in poor health, or handle food. (I have told everyone, gave them a copy of the letter)


Yet, given all that I have been advised if I do not attend, I could have my benefit suspended. Which is worse here. Me attending as an infectious individual an environment with sick or low immune system individuals or not attending an interview they set up?


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