Forgeries at it again



Scarlet Band coaches are the most recent company to declare that they have been advised not to accept notes larger than £10. It appears that person or persons unknown are again printing fraudulent notes.

Seeing the note this morning made me think back to when I was working for a company down south, who only paid their employees (one of which was me) in large denomination bills. Especially £50 notes!

The company, part of a large chain, that has been in trouble throughout it’s existence for various offences. It was closed and reopened under new names so often, even the employees got confused.


It turned out, the reason said company paid you in so high bills was because they were using the employees to get rid of counterfeit bills. We didn’t know that ofcourse at the time. But every person on a weekly basis was either given a fraudulent £20 or £50 in their paycheck.

In essence rather than the company flooding the marketplace with counterfeit bills all at once, they let the employees do it a little at a time. I won’t name said company, as I can’t afford a liable or lawsuit at the moment lol. Besides, the employees would vehemently protect said company, even when they are being ripped off.


I know there is talk about replacing the bills with plastic ones that would be much harder to forge. However, this will take time, money and people adopting the new bills. Plus how do you bend a plastic note to fit into your wallet?

But the Bank of England is to start polymer notes by 2016. The first note to be issues will likely be a £5 note featuring Sir Winston Churchhill.


I for one hope that we don’t loose the face of the Queen, especially as a Royalist but also because, we are one of the few countries to still have a Monarch.


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