Not one to rant – but this is a sad state of affairs

Now, anyone who knows me will know that I am not one for long winded rants about absolutely nothing. I like to show my intelligent side, rather than pander to the whimsical or nonsensical that other bloggers (nothing against that personally) do.

But in a world where the most newsworthy thing to make headlines, is the latest idiocy of Justin Bieber we have to begin to ask ourself who is this news for? Is the cult of celebrity the most important think in the news today?

I for one don’t care if he was caught drink driving, using dope or whatever other nonsense he or any celebrity gets upto. If this was a regular person, it wouldn’t make any news (ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!).

Yet stick a celebrity name in front of the offence and hey ho It’s headline, front page, plastered all over the media news. Yes, I am aware of the irony in using the internet and social media to condone the media (I’m not a complete moron).

If I can offer once piece of advice to celebrities, “don’t get caught being stupid”. I am also aware that most celebrities do it to keep themselves in the spotlight. Heaven forbid you aren’t mentioned in a paper for less than a week, people will forget you exist! (I wish)


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