Bitcoins – Fad or Fundamental?



We all heard about Bitcoins when they launched in 2009, at the time I thought it was just another Paypal style thing and never really put much stock in it. Well, fool me once it has kept going strong and now you can even use it to get into University. (Well one university) Cumbria University are allowing new students to pay for their tuition in Bitcoins.

Those attending two new courses examining the role of complementary currencies, run by the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS), will be permitted to use the units. The University said it hoped that the acceptance of Bitcoins on these courses would lead to “learning by doing”.

So at the moment it’s limited to those Currency and Business courses. But, if the fad takes off would you use Bitcoins to pay for your education?

However it’s not all good news.

HMRC – the people responsible for revenue and customs in the UK are warning that Bitcoins are fundamentally a bubble and bust tagged as the (Most Dangerous Currency in the World). It is as they describe it funding the Black Market, arms dealers, drug barons and even Assassins.


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